Key Features

  • 2W Output Power
  • Ultra-Mini SIP Case
  • 1kV to 3kV Isolation
  • 28 Standard Models
  • >1.12 Mhour MTBF
  • – 40°C to +85°C Operation
  • Meets EN 55032 Class B


Additional Tech Info

Input Voltage Range4.555.5VDC
Output Accuracy±3.0%
Line Regulation±1.2%
Load Regulation±1.2%
Short Circuit ProtectionContinuous (Autorecovery)
Isolation VoltageStandard1,000VDC
I" Suffix3,000
Operating Temp Range-4085°C
Case Size.46 x .29 x .40 in
11.68 x 7.5 x 10.15 mm
Model No.InputOutput VOutput I
ME205S-03x5.0 VDC3.3 VDC400.0 mA
ME205S-05x5.0 VDC5.0 VDC400.0 mA
ME205S-07x5.0 VDC7.2 VDC277.7 mA
ME205S-09x5.0 VDC9.0 VDC222.2 mA
ME205S-12x5.0 VDC12.0 VDC166.7 mA
ME205S-15x5.0 VDC15.0 VDC133.3 mA
ME205S-24x5.0 VDC24.0 VDC83.3 mA
ME212S-03x12 VDC3.3 VDC400.0 mA
ME212S-05x12 VDC5.0 VDC400.0 mA
ME212S-07x12 VDC7.2 VDC277.7 mA
ME212S-09x12 VDC9.0 VDC222.2 mA
ME212S-12x12 VDC12.0 VDC166.7 mA
ME212S-15x12 VDC15.0 VDC133.3 mA
ME212S-24x12 VDC24.0 VDC83.3 mA
ME215S-03x15 VDC3.3 VDC400.0 mA
ME215S-05x15 VDC5.0 VDC400.0 mA
ME215S-07x15 VDC7.2 VDC277.7 mA
ME215S-09x15 VDC9.0 VDC222.2 mA
ME215S-12x15 VDC12.0 VDC166.7 mA
ME215S-15x15 VDC15.0 VDC133.3 mA
ME215S-24x15 VDC24.0 VDC83.3 mA
ME224S-03x24 VDC3.3 VDC400.0 mA
ME224S-05x24 VDC5.0 VDC400.0 mA
ME224S-07x24 VDC7.2 VDC277.7 mA
ME224S-09x24 VDC9.0 VDC222.2 mA
ME224S-12x24 VDC12.0 VDC166.7 mA
ME224S-15x24 VDC15.0 VDC133.3 mA
ME224S-24x24 VDC24.0 VDC83.3 mA
ME248S-03x48 VDC3.3 VDC400.0 mA
ME248S-05x48 VDC5.0 VDC400.0 mA
ME248S-07x48 VDC7.2 VDC277.7 mA
ME248S-09x48 VDC9.0 VDC222.2 mA
ME248S-12x48 VDC12.0 VDC166.7 mA
ME248S-15x48 VDC15.0 VDC133.3 mA
ME248S-24x48 VDC24.0 VDC83.3 mA
*For high isolation models add an I (i.e. ME224S-05I)