Key Features

  • 1W Output Power
  • 40 Standard Models
  • Up to 3 kVDC Isolation
  • >1.12 MHour MTBF
  • Ultra Mini SIP Case
  • Meets EN 55032 Class B
  • -40°C to +85°C Operation
  • Industry Standard Pin-Out


Additional Tech Info

Input Voltage Range2.973.33.63VDC
Output Accuracy±3.0%
Line Regulation±1.2%
Load Regulation3.3 Vout±20%
Other Models±10%
Short Circuit ProtectionMomentary (0.5 Sec.)
Isolation Voltage1,000VAC rms
Units with "I" Suffix3,000
Operating Temp Range-4085°C
Case SizeIn.46 x .24 x .40
mm11.68 x 6.0 x 10.2
Model No.InputOutput VOutput I
ME103S-033.3 VDC3.3 VDC303 mA
ME103S-053.3 VDC5.0 VDC200 mA
ME103S-073.3 VDC7.2 VDC138.9 mA
ME103S-093.3 VDC9.0 VDC111.1 mA
ME103S-123.3 VDC12.0 VDC100 mA
ME103S-153.3 VDC15.0 VDC66.6 mA
ME103S-183.3 VDC18.0 VDC55.5 mA
ME103S-243.3 VDC24.0 VDC50 mA
ME105S-035 VDC3.3 VDC303 mA
ME105S-055 VDC5.0 VDC200 mA
ME105S-075 VDC7.2 VDC138.9 mA
ME105S-095 VDC9.0 VDC111.1 mA
ME105S-125 VDC12.0 VDC100 mA
ME105S-155 VDC15.0 VDC66.6 mA
ME105S-185 VDC18.0 VDC55.5 mA
ME105S-245 VDC24.0 VDC50 mA
ME112S-0312 VDC3.3 VDC303 mA
ME112S-0512 VDC5.0 VDC200 mA
ME112S-0712 VDC7.2 VDC138.9 mA
ME112S-0912 VDC9.0 VDC111.1 mA
ME112S-1212 VDC12.0 VDC100 mA
ME112S-1512 VDC15.0 VDC66.6 mA
ME112S-1812 VDC18.0 VDC55.5 mA
ME112S-2412 VDC24.0 VDC50 mA
ME124S-0324 VDC3.3 VDC303 mA
ME124S-0524 VDC5.0 VDC200 mA
ME124S-0724 VDC7.2 VDC138.9 mA
ME124S-0924 VDC9.0 VDC111.1 mA
ME124S-1224 VDC12.0 VDC100 mA
ME124S-1524 VDC15.0 VDC66.6 mA
ME124S-1824 VDC18.0 VDC55.5 mA
ME124S-2424 VDC24.0 VDC50 mA
ME148S-0348 VDC3.3 VDC303 mA
ME148S-0548 VDC5.0 VDC200 mA
ME148S-0748 VDC7.2 VDC138.9 mA
ME148S-0948 VDC9.0 VDC111.1 mA
ME148S-1248 VDC12.0 VDC100 mA
ME148S-1548 VDC15.0 VDC66.6 mA
ME148S-1848 VDC18.0 VDC55.5 mA
ME148S-2448 VDC24.0 VDC50 mA
*For high isolation models add an "I" to the model no. (i.e. ME103S-03(I))