MPV1060SRI4 Series

Key Features

  • 5W & 10W Output Power
  • Ultra-Wide 100 – 1,000 VDC Input Range
  • 4,000 VAC Isolation
  • Compact Potted Module
  • Four Standard Models
  • -40°C to +70°C Operation
  • Industry Standard Pin-Out


 Input Voltage Range1006001000VDC
 Output Accuracy±1.0±2.0%
 Line Regulation±0.5±1.0%
 Load Regulation±0.5±1.0%
 Short Circuit ProtectionContinuous (Autorecovery)
 Isolation Voltage4,000VAC
 Operating Temp Range-40+70°C
 Case Size2.756 x 1.89 x 0.925 In
70.0 x 48.0 x 29.50mm
Model No.InputOutput VOutput I
 MPV0560S-05RI4100-1,000 VDC5 VDC1,000 mA
 MPV1060S-05RI4100-1,000 VDC5 VDC2,000 mA
 MPV1060S-09RI4100-1,000 VDC9 VDC1,110 mA
 MPV1060S-24RI4100-1,000 VDC24 VDC420 mA
*For the Chassis Mount Adapter Use: MPV1060S-xxRI4A2C
*For the DIN Rail Mount Adapter Use: MPV1060S-xxRI4A4C