Key Features

  • 3W Output Power
  • Compact SIP Case
  • 1 kV to 5 kV Isolation
  • Tight Line/ Load Regulation
  • Meets EN 55032 Class B
  • -25°C to +85°C Operation
  • Continuous Short Circuit Protection
  • Low Cost
Parameter Min Typ Max Units
Input Voltage Range     4.50 5.0 5.50 VDC
      10.80 12.0 13.20  
      21.60 24.0 26.40  
Output Accuracy       ±2   %
Line Regulation       ±0.5   %
Load Regulation 3.3 VOUT Models     ±1.5   %
  Other Models     ±0.5    
Short Circuit Protection   Continuous (Autorecovery)        
Isolation Voltage MD300S     1,500   VDC
  MD300SI     3,000    
  MD300SI4     4,000    
  MD300SI5     5,200    
Operating Temp Range     -25°C   +85°C °C
MTBF       1.12   MHrs
Case Size 1.26 x 0.32 x 0.57 In     
  32.00 x 8.00 x 14.02 mm    
Parameter MinTypMaxUnits
 Input Voltage Range4.55.05.5VDC
 Output Accuracy ±2.0 %
 Line Regulation ±0.5 %
 Load Regulation  ±0.5%
 Short Circuit ProtectionContinuous (Autorecovery)
 Isolation Voltage1,500  VDC
 Operating Temp Range-25°C +85°C
 MTBF1.2  MHrs
 Case Size1.26 x 0.32 x 0.57 In
32.00 x 8.00 x 14.02 mm


Additional Tech Info

Model No. Input Output V Output I
MD305S-03R(IX)5.0 VDC3.3 VDC600 mA
MD305S-05R(IX)5.0 VDC5.0 VDC600 mA
MD305S-07R(IX)5.0 VDC7.2 VDC416 mA
MD305S-09R(IX)5.0 VDC9.0 VDC333 mA
MD305S-12R(IX)5.0 VDC12 VDC250 mA
MD305S-15R(IX)5.0 VDC15 VDC200 mA
MD305S-18R(IX)5.0 VDC18 VDC166 mA
MD305S-24R(IX)5.0 VDC24 VDC125 mA
MD312S-03R(IX)12 VDC3.3 VDC600 mA
MD312S-05R(IX)12 VDC5.0 VDC600 mA
MD312S-07R(IX)12 VDC7.2 VDC416 mA
MD312S-09R(IX)12 VDC9.0 VDC333 mA
MD312S-12R(IX)12 VDC12 VDC250 mA
MD312S-15R(IX)12 VDC15 VDC200 mA
MD312S-18R(IX)12 VDC18 VDC166 mA
MD312S-24R(IX)12 VDC24 VDC125 mA
MD324S-03R(IX)24 VDC3.3 VDC600 mA
MD324S-05R(IX)24 VDC5.0 VDC600 mA
MD324S-07R(IX)24 VDC7.2 VDC416 mA
MD324S-09R(IX)24 VDC9.0 VDC333 mA
MD324S-12R(IX)24 VDC12 VDC250 mA
MD324S-15R(IX)24 VDC15 VDC200 mA
MD324S-18R(IX)24 VDC18 VDC166 mA
MD324S-24R(IX)24 VDC24 VDC125 mA


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