Key Features

  • 1W Output Power
  • Miniature SIP Case
  • EN 62368 Approved
  • 1.5 kV Isolation
  • Meets EN 55032 Class B
  • -40°C to +105°C Operation
  • 1.12 MHr MTBF
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Low Cost
Parameter Min Typ Max Units
Input Voltage Range 2.973.33.63VDC
Output Accuracy  ±5 %
Line Regulation, For VIN Change of 1%   ±1.2%
Load Regulation3.3 VOUT Models ±18±15%
 5.0 VOUT Models ±12  
 9.0 VOUT Models ±9  
 12 VOUT Models ±8  
 15 VOUT Models ±7  
 24 VOUT Models ±6±10 
Short Circuit Protection Continuous (Autorecovery)   
Isolation Voltage  1,500 VDC
Operating Temp Range -40°C +105°C°C
MTBF  3.50 MHrs
Case Size: 5 VIN Models 0.772 x 0.236 x 0.40In  
  19.60 x 6.00 x 10.16mm  
All Other Models 0.768 x 0.236 x 0.354In  
  19.50 x 6.00 x 9.00mm
Model No. Input Output V Output I
MD103S-03E3.3 VDC3.3 VDC303 mA
MD103S-05E3.3 VDC5.0 VDC200 mA
MD103D-15E3.3 VDC±15 VDC±34 mA
MD105S-03E5.0 VDC3.3 VDC303 mA
MD105S-05E5.0 VDC5.0 VDC200 mA
MD105S-09E5.0 VDC9.0 VDC111 mA
MD105S-12E5.0 VDC12 VDC84 mA
MD105S-15E5.0 VDC15 VDC67 mA
MD105S-24E5.0 VDC24 VDC42 mA
MD105D-03E5.0 VDC±3.3 VDC±152 mA
MD105D-05E5.0 VDC±5.0 VDC±100 mA
MD105D-09E5.0 VDC±9.0 VDC±56 mA
MD105D-12E5.0 VDC±12 VDC±42 mA
MD105D-15E5.0 VDC±15 VDC±34 mA
MD105D-24E5.0 VDC±24 VDC±21 mA
MD112S-03E12 VDC3.3 VDC303 mA
MD112S-05E12 VDC5.0 VDC200 mA
MD112S-09E12 VDC9.0 VDC111 mA
MD112S-12E12 VDC12 VDC84 mA
MD112S-15E12 VDC15 VDC67 mA
MD112S-24E12 VDC24 VDC42 mA
MD112D-03E12 VDC±3.3 VDC±152 mA
MD112D-05E12 VDC±5.0 VDC±100 mA
MD112D-09E12 VDC±9.0 VDC±56 mA
MD112D-12E12 VDC±12 VDC±42 mA
MD112D-15E12 VDC±15 VDC±34 mA
MD112D-24E12 VDC±24 VDC±21 mA
MD115S-05E15 VDC5.0 VDC200 mA
MD115S-12E15 VDC12 VDC84 mA
MD115S-15E15 VDC15 VDC67 mA
MD115D-05E15 VDC±5.0 VDC±100 mA
MD115D-12E15 VDC±12 VDC±42 mA
MD115D-15E15 VDC±15 VDC±34 mA
MD124S-03E24 VDC3.3 VDC303 mA
MD124S-05E24 VDC5.0 VDC200 mA
MD124S-09E24 VDC9.0 VDC111 mA
MD124S-12E24 VDC12 VDC84 mA
MD124S-15E24 VDC15 VDC67 mA
MD124S-24E24 VDC24 VDC42 mA
MD124D-03E24 VDC±3.3 VDC±152 mA
MD124D-05E24 VDC±5.0 VDC±100 mA
MD124D-09E24 VDC±9.0 VDC±56 mA
MD124D-12E24 VDC±12 VDC±42 mA
MD124D-15E24 VDC±15 VDC±34 mA
MD124D-24E24 VDC±24 VDC±21 mA


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