igbt drivers


IG120-12 Key Features 3,000 VAC Isolation Asymetrical Dual Outputs EN 60950 Approved 12, 15 or 24 VDC Input Short Circuit Protection Miniature SIP Case -40°C to +105°C Operation 3.5 MHr MTBF For 962 Type IGBT Drivers Datasheet IG120-12 -Datasheet Product Manual Additional Tech Info 3D CAD IGBT App Note Similar Products IGD1208W-15 IG275E


LD48-xxW Key Features To 1A Output Current Constant Current Output Wide 7V to 60V Input 97% Efficiency -40°C to +85°C Operation Compact MiniDIP Case PWM & Analog Dimming 950 kHr MTBF Datasheet LD48-xx-Datasheet LD48-xxW-Datasheet Additional Tech Info Driving LEDs App Note Similar Products MPM-05MM 5W – 1″x1″ MPM-05SV 5W -Module