MPM-SVLD Module AC/DC Series

The MPM Series of AC/DC power supplies offers a wide array of models from 3W to 90W. Each model has a high I/O isolation of 4,000 VAC, reinforced insulation, and compliance with EN 62368 and EN 55032 Class B, ensuring safety and reliability across a range of operational environments. From compact, low-power solutions to robust, higher-power units, the MPM Series provides versatile, efficient, and safe power supply options, complete with industry-standard pin-outs and options for chassis or DIN rail mounting, making them suitable for a broad spectrum of industrial and commercial applications.


  • MPM-03SVLD is a 3W AC/DC power supply with a universal input range of 85-305 VAC. It’s designed with 4,000 VAC I/O isolation and reinforced insulation for enhanced safety, meeting EN 62368 and EN 55032 Class B standards. This model is ideal for low-power applications requiring high reliability and compactness.


  • MPM-05SVLD is a 5W power featuring a universal input range and high I/O isolation for safe operation. It maintains efficiency and reliability across a wide temperature range, complying with critical safety and EMC standards. This model is suitable for applications that demand slightly more power without compromising on space or safety.


  • MPM-10SVLD has a 10W output and many of the same features as others in the series, like ultra-wide input range, high I/O isolation, and compliance with key safety standards. Its efficient operation and robust design make it a reliable choice for a wide array of industrial and commercial applications.


  • MPM-15SVLD has a 15W output, catering to applications requiring a bit more power within the same reliable and compact framework. It features universal AC input, high efficiency, and is designed to meet stringent safety and EMC requirements.


  • MPM-20SVLD provides 20W of power, with a compact design, a wide range of input voltages, and ensures safety with high I/O isolation. This model is aimed at applications needing moderate power within a compact and reliable unit, complying with EN 62368 and other standards.


  • MPM-30SVLD this model extends the power offering of the series to 30W, It ensures safe and efficient operation with high I/O isolation and compliance with essential safety standards.


  • MPM-40SVLD has a 40W output and is tailored for demanding applications that need a high level of power without sacrificing space or safety. It upholds the series’ features, such as universal input range, high efficiency, and strong compliance with international safety and EMC standards.


  • MPM-60SVLD has a higher-power solution within the series, delivering 60W. This model is designed for applications requiring significant power in a compact format, offering high efficiency, safety, and reliability across a broad operational spectrum.


  • MPM-90SVLD has 90W, it is the most powerful model in the series, designed to support applications with high power demands while maintaining efficiency, safety, and a compact footprint. It’s ideal for powering a wide range of devices and systems, ensuring compliance with global safety and EMC standards.