Partner with us to power your healthcare innovations with confidence.

Our meticulously designed, medical-grade power supplies meet the most stringent industry standards, guaranteeing patient well-being.

Meeting the Critical Needs of the Medical Sector

  • Uncompromising Safety

    Our power supplies are certified to meet rigorous medical standards, ensuring patient well-being and equipment reliability.

  • Uninterrupted Performance

    Medical equipment relies on flawless data transmission and minimized risk of system failure. Our solutions boast superior EMC performance, safeguarding against interference and ensuring uninterrupted operation.

  • Unwavering Reliability

    Our products are built with robust components and rigorous quality control processes.

  • Enhanced Patient Safety

    Designed with low leakage current and high isolation voltage, our products prioritize patient safety for equipment in direct contact with the body.

A Cost Effective Medical Supply

The MPO-MS series is a compact, efficient, reliable and economic solution to your medical and healthcare device requirements.

•  Available from 120W to 550W
•  Ideal for BF medical system equipment.
•  Excellent EMC performance
•  Meets EN/UL62368, EN60335, EN60601 standards.

Complies with IEC/EN60601 medical certification, can be widely used in various medical devices.

We Understand the Requirements of Medical Designs

Our medical power supplies are designed to provide the high performance, compact size, high reliability and low cost required by today’s medical equipment applications. Standard features include a reinforced insulation barrier (2 x MOPP), low leakage current (typically <0.1 mA), and high efficiency. All medical products meet the latest safety standards (ES 60601-1 and IEC/EN 60601-1 3rd edition). With a connection to PE all models meet Safety Class I.

Advanced Power. Elevated Care.

Solutions for a wide range of medical equipment:

•  Medical imaging
•  Laboratory and clinical diagnostics
•  Oral care equipment
•  Surgical/medical applications
•  Infusion pumps
•  Medical assistive devices
•  CT scanning, ultrasound
•  And many other pieces of medical auxiliary equipment.

MRI - Magnetic resonance imaging scan device in Hospital.

More Applications

MicroPower Direct equips industrial operations with a robust arsenal of reliable and efficient power solutions.

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