2021 04 MPL-05SVT New Product News

MPL-05SVT Series

Miniature, 85 – 305 VAC Input,

Open SIP 5W AC/DC Power Supply

Available now, the MPL-05SVT series is a full family of miniature SIP 5W switching power supplies. Part of a new family of new AC/DC SIP products (other models are available at 3W & 10W), the MPL-05SVT features ultra-wide 85 to 305 VAC inputs, reinforced insulation, UL 62368 approvals, 3,000 VAC I/O isolation, and tight line/load regulation. All models meet high EMI standards with a minimum of external components. It’s combination of miniature size, low cost and robust performance features make it an excellent choice for a very wide range applications ranging from industrial controls to test instrumentation to smart appliances and more.

The MPL-05SVT series operates from wide 85 to 305 VAC (70 to 430 VDC) inputs. Six standard models are available with regulated outputs of 3.3, 5.0, 9.0, 12, 15, or 24 VDC. Standard features include efficiency as high as 81%, 0.1W no-load power consumption and tight line/load regulation. The reinforced insulation barrier meets 3 kVAC. All models meet IEC Safety Class II. The leakage current is less than 0.1 mA. All models are approved to UL 62368 & also meet the requirements of EN 55032B, EN 60335 and EN 61558.

The MPL-05SVT is specifically designed to reduce overall product size, improve circuit reliability and increase application flexibility. This has been accomplished through a combination of engineering innovation, circuit integration and manufacturing automation. As a result, the MPL-05SVT is an ideal choice for a wide variety of industrial & commercial board level power applications.

A full technical datasheet is available on the MPL-05SVT product page (see the link below). As stated above, this series is one of three series of new high performance AC/DC power supplies just released by MPD. These product families also include the MPL-03SVT series (3W) and MPL-10SVT (10W). For more information or evaluation samples on any of these models, contact the factory at: 781-344-8226.

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