11 MPR-100SP

MDR-100SP Series Compact, High Performance, 100W DIN Rail AC/DC Power Supply

The MDR-100SP is a family of industrial grade, 100W, AC/DC power supplies. They are designed to provide the low cost, robust performance, and DIN rail packaging required for a wide range of industrial control applications. At only 70 mm wide (4SU), the MDR-100SP saves significant space when mounted on standard TS-35 (7.5 or 15) DIN rails.

The MDR100SP series operates from 85 to 264 VAC (120 to 370 VDC) inputs. Four standard models are available with tightly regulated outputs of 12, 15, 24 or 48 VDC. Standard features include 90% efficiency, 4,000 VAC I/O isolation, and tight line/load regulation. All models are approved to UL 62368 and meet the requirements of UL 61010-1/2. All units also meet the requirements of EN 55032B as well as OVC III EN 61558. Standby power consumption is as low as 0.3W.

Its combination of compact DIN rail packaging, industry approvals, robust performance, and low cost make it an excellent choice for a wide range of applications, including industrial control systems, factory automation equipment, or home/office control systems.

The MDR100SP delivers the high operating performance, compact size, DIN rail compatibility, and low cost required for today’s industrial/home systems applications. A full technical datasheet is available on the MDR100SP product page (see the link below). Other new DIN rail products are available at 15W, 30W, 60W, 120W, 240W and 480W. For more information or evaluation samples, contact the factory at: 781-344-8226.