MG800RW New Product


Miniature Surface Mount, 16A POL Switching Regulator 

Available now, the MSR192K-16A is a miniature, switching voltage regulator that provides up to 16A of output current. Featuring an industry standard pin-out, it offers many advantages including very high efficiency, wide temperature operation, protection from circuit faults, and low cost. 

The MLSR192K-16A operates from an 8.3 to 14 VDC input, producing a single tightly regulated output at up to 16A. The output can be adjusted over a range of 0.7525V to 5.0V with a simple trim. Standard features include efficiency as high as 95%, low noise operation, and tight line/load regulation. Protection against short circuit and over current faults is standard. 

The MSR192K-16A is protected against short circuit and over current faults. A control input allows the unit to be turned on/off remotely. Units are available featuring positive or negative logic for this feature. The MTBF of the MSR192k-16A series is greater than 1.0 Mhours (per MIL HDBK 217F). 

Fabricated as a miniature, unpotted (open board) unit, the MSR192k-16A is only 1.299 x 0.531 x 0.327 inches (33.00 x 13.50 x 8.30 mm). The pin-out is industry standard. Each model is specified for operation over the wide industrial operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C with no heat sinking required. Cooling is by free-air convection. 

The MSR192K-6A series offers many advantages including very high efficiency, a wide operating temperature range with no heat sink requirement, and continuous short circuit protection. They have a very small board footprint and require a minimum of external components for optimum performance. 

All MicroPower Direct products are designed to provide long, reliable field life. Considerable attention is given to the proper selection, derating and layout of all circuit components. In addition, extensive reliability screening is also performed on all products as a routine part of our production process.

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