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MSC215-18 High Isolation SiC Driver DC/DC Converter

MSC215-18 High Isolation SiC Driver DC/DC Converter  A new high isolation DC/DC available from MicroPower Direct, the MSC215-18 is designed specifically to provide the asynchronous output voltage levels required to properly bias the gate drive of SiC semiconductors.  Offered at very low cost, the MSC215-18 operates from a 15 VDC input, providing dual outputs of

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ME300RU Series Ultra-Miniature, Wide Input DC/DC Converters

ME300RU Series  Ultra-Miniature, Wide Input DC/DC Converters  Available now from MPD, the ME300RU series is a series of ultra-miniature, high performance DC/DC converters. Twenty-one standard models provide tightly regulated outputs at 3W of isolated power while packaged in a miniature SIP package that takes up a minimum of board space.  Twenty-one standard models operate from

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MPU-240S Series Compact, Power Factor Corrected AC/DC Power Supply

MPU-240S Series  Compact, Power Factor Corrected AC/DC Power Supply  The MPU-240S series, available now from MicroPower Direct, is a family of compact, high performance AC/DC power supplies. These power supplies are specifically designed to provide the robust performance, high power density, safety approvals and compact size required by a wide range of applications in a

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