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MR50SRW Series

Compact, UL Approved, Railway 50W DC/DC Converters Available immediately, the MR50SRW is a family of 50W of compact power converters designed specifically for railway applications. The MR50SRW features wide input ranges of 43 to 101 VDC or 66 to 160VDC, 3,000 VAC reinforced I/O isolation, efficiency to 92% and compact, industry standard “¼ Brick” packaging.

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2024 01 MPM9OSVLD New Product News

MPM-90SVLD Series

Compact, Ultra-Wide Input, UL Approved 90W AC/DC Power Supply Available now, the MPM-90SVLD is a family of very compact 90W switching power supplies. The MPM-90SVLD features ultra-wide 80 to 305 VAC (110 to 430 VDC) inputs, 4,200 VAC  I/O isolation, reinforced insulation, and 90W of output power. All models meet the requirements of EN60335 and

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MSR7805UW Series

MSR7805UW Series, Miniature Ultra-Wide (10-1) Input, 0.5A POL Regulator Available now, the MSR7805UW is afamily of compactswitching voltage regulators. Six standard models, operating from inputs as wide as 10:1 (9 to 90 VDC), provide a single, tightly regulated output of 3.3, 5.0, 6.5, 9.0, 12, or 15VDC at 500 mA. Standard features include efficiency as

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2022 06 MSCHI Series

MSCHI Series Very High Isolation SiC Driver DC/DC Converters

A new series of very high isolation DC/DC’s are now available from MicroPower Direct. The MSCHI Series is designed specifically to provide high switching speed, very high I/O isolation levels and the asymmetrical output voltages required to by circuits using SiC gate drive semiconductors. Offered at very low cost, the MSCHI series consists of eleven

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