Where precision meets power:

Industrial applications demand unyielding power supplies.

MicroPower Direct offers many power solutions specifically designed for the demanding needs of industrial applications. Our AC/DC power supplies deliver consistent power, ranging from 3W to 550W, and come in a variety of packaging options, including PCB mount, chassis mount, and DIN-rail mount to seamlessly integrate into your existing infrastructure. Our extensive range of DC/DC converters are available from 1W to 150W and many feature industrial-grade packaging ensuring durability and reliability in harsh environments.

Choosing the Right Industrial Power Supply:
Essential Factors

  • Power supply efficiency

    High efficiency and low power consumption power supplies can reduce operating costs and also contribute to meeting the goals of Industry 5.0 to optimize energy consumption and protect the environment.

  • High power density and compact size

    Industrial equipment is becoming smaller and more portable. At the same time robotics and other equipment have a need for bigger power, requiring high power density.

  • Reliability and safety is critical

    Automation equipment needs to run continuously, often in harsh environments. Power supplies need to be able to withstand extreme temperatures, strong vibrations and harsh conditions. Equipment that comes in contact with people should also have built-in protections against electrical hazards such as short circuits, overloads and surges.

Smart Homes/Buildings

Smart homes require power supplies that are compact, reliable, affordable and certified for use in industrial and household systems. The MPL-03SVT series of AC/DC converters are compact and flexible – capable of being used in the smallest smart home applications.


Smart Meters

Smart metering systems can enhance energy management in homes. But this can only be done reliably if you have a converter to ensure that the electronic systems are supplied with regulated and constant power. With seamless integration and reliable performance, AC/DC converters, such as MPM-05SV-12LD, support the intelligent metering infrastructure.

Motion Control Systems

DC/DC converters play a crucial role in motion control systems by providing precise and regulated voltage to the motor, enabling accurate and efficient control of its speed, torque and direction. The MG1500RU is a 15W DC/DC converter in a compact MiniDip package. Regardless of variations in internal and external conditions, the MG1500RU series maintains a high level of stability in terms of efficiency, power loss, and heat generation.


More Applications

The electric vehicle market is accelerating globally, driven by consumer demand, increased automaker production and government funding.

Our meticulously designed, medical-grade power supplies meet the most stringent industry standards, guaranteeing patient well-being.