Powering the Future of Mobility

Uncompromising Power: The Cornerstone of EV Charging

The electric vehicle market is accelerating globally, driven by consumer demand, increased automaker production and government funding.

We provide a robust suite of AC/DC power supplies and DC/DC converters specifically optimized to address the technical challenges of EV charging applications. With strengths in operating in harsh conditions, connecting to diverse grids, preventing interference, and meeting safety standards, our products enable manufacturers to deliver innovative yet cost-effective Level 1, Level 2, and DC fast charging systems.

Your Provider of Power Modules

AC/DC converters are fundamental components of electric vehicle chargers.  They provide:

  • Fast Charging Capabilities
  • Voltage Compatibility and Grid Integration
  • Bidirectional AC/DC Conversion
  • Cooling and Thermal Management

DC/DC converters play a vital role by providing:

  • Bidirectional Operation
  • Voltage Step-Up and Step-Down
  • Fast Charging Capabilities
  • Compatibility with Renewable Energy Sources

MPD Solution - AC Level 1

Portable chargers are compact and produced in large quantities.

Key requirements for power supplies include low cost, small size and a wide operating temperature range.

EV Chargers - AC Level 1 &2

MPD Solution - DCFC Charger

MPD Solution - AC Level 2

MicroPower Direct can provide the DC/DC and AC/DC power modules as well as the Residual Current Sensors needed in an AC Level 2 charger. 

The residual current sensor ensures that the AC input of the system can be automatically disconnected when the charging system fails, to prevent serious electrical accidents.

Featured EV Charging Products

MicroPower Direct offers a product line of over 5,000 DC/DC converters, AC/DC power supplies, IGBT drivers and switching POL regulators. Features include wide input ranges, high efficiency, miniature size, a variety of package choices (including miniature encapsulated modules, rugged U-channel models, open frame units, SIPs, DIPs, desktop and DIN Rail), high MTBF’s, international safety approvals, constant current outputs, and output power ratings from 0.5W to 600W.

More Applications

MicroPower Direct equips industrial operations with a robust arsenal of reliable and efficient power solutions.

Our meticulously designed, medical-grade power supplies meet the most stringent industry standards, guaranteeing patient well-being.