DC/DC Converters

Selecting a DC/DC converter requires careful consideration of input and output voltage requirements, power conversion efficiency, size constraints, and additional features like short circuit protection and thermal management. Our DC/DC converters ensure efficient operation, reliable performance, and optimal power management.

Featured Product

MG1500RU – A 15W series of “MiniDIP” DC/DC converters featuring efficiency as high as 87%, continuous short circuit protection, tight line/load regulation and low noise operation. An ideal solution for a wide variety of board level power distribution applications requiring small size, robust performance, and high power density.


Product Selector Guide

MPD-DCDC Product Selection Guide

Our comprehensive DCDC Product Selection Guide is your gateway to finding the perfect match for your unique power needs. This indispensable tool streamlines the selection process, allowing you to effortlessly compare specifications and features across our extensive range of products.