Parameter Min Typ Max Units
 Input Voltage Range 100 600 1000 VDC
 Output Accuracy   ±1.0 ±2.0 %
 Line Regulation   ±0.5 ±1.0 %
 Load Regulation   ±0.5 ±1.0 %
 Short Circuit Protection Continuous (Autorecovery)
 Isolation Voltage 4,000     VDC
 Operating Temp Range -40   +70 °C
 MTBF 300     kHrs
 Case Size 2.756 x 1.89 x 0.925 In
70.0 x 48.0 x 23.5 mm
Model No. Input Output V Output I
 MPV1560S-12RI4 100-1000 VDC 12 VDC 1,250 mA
 MPV1560S-15RI4 100-1000 VDC 15 VDC 1,000 mA
 MPV1560S-24RI4 100-1000 VDC 24 VDC 625 mA
For the Chassis Mount Adapter Use: MPV1560S-xxRI4A2C
For the DIN Rail Mount Adapter Use: MPV1560S-xxRI4A4C
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