Parameter Min Typ Max Units
 Input Voltage Range 90   264 VAC
120   370 VDC
 Input Type Universal
 Input Frequency 47   63 Hz
 Inrush Current 115 VAC     30.0 APk
230 VAC     60.0
 Line Regulation   ±1.0   %
 Load Regulation   ±1.0   %
 Hold-Up Time, 115 VAC 12     mSec
 Isolation Voltage 4,000     VAC
 Operating Temp Range -25   +70 °C
 MTBF 120     kHrs
 Case Size 5.35 x 3.24 x 1.50 In
136.00 x 82.20 x 38.10 mm
 Package Type U-Channel
 Safety Standards EN 60950, UL 60950
 EMI/EMC Standards EN 55022, EN 61000-4
Model No. Output V Output I
 MPU-120S-05"YZ" 5.0 VDC 24.00 A
 MPU-120S-12"YZ" 12 VDC 15.00 A
 MPU-120S-15"YZ" 15 VDC 12.00 A
 MPU-120S-24"YZ" 24 VDC 7.50 A
 MPU-120S-48"YZ" 48 VDC 3.75 A
* See Datasheet for max current out with airflow
* "Y" is the connector selection. It is T for Terminal Block, A for Molex or B for clamp
* "Z" is the product cover selection. It is C for a cover, blank for no cover
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