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Quality Products, Diverse Partnerships

For over 25 years, MicroPower Direct has been a trusted partner, earning the loyalty of countless customers. We remain dedicated to providing you with power products built to last, designed for years of dependable service.

As a WBENC-certified, woman-owned company, we champion diversity and inclusion within our industry. This certification enables us to collaborate with companies seeking diverse suppliers, helping them fulfill their own commitment to responsible sourcing.

Reviews and Testimonials

MicroPower Direct's exceptional customer service was instrumental in my project's success. Their team consistently demonstrated patience, kindness, and a willingness to answer any questions I had, fostering an environment of open communication and collaboration. This, coupled with their high-quality products, played a significant role in achieving my specific goals, whether it be adhering to budget constraints or maximizing product efficiency. Without a doubt, MicroPower Direct's commitment to both excellent service and technical expertise is a reason I would recommend them.

Isabella Garcia

SMTC Corporation

Polaris Motion has been in the high precision industrial control electronics industry for 30 years and our journey has been significantly enhanced by our partnership with MicroPower direct. As a company deeply committed to precision and reliability, we have consistently relied on a wide range of DC/DC converters from the MicroPower product line in our designs.

The reliability and performance of MicroPower’s products have not only met but exceeded our expectations. Their commitment to quality aligns with our values, ensuring that our industrial control electronics not only meet but surpass the rigorous standards set by our industry.

We look forward to continuing this successful partnership for years to come.

Andy Matkovic,

Polaris Motion

My initial attraction to MicroPower Direct was driven by the need for a cost-effective AC/DC converter with robust safety certifications and high isolation voltage. What truly sets MPD apart from the competition, however, is their exceptional product parameters, comprehensive documentation, and a vast selection that catered to all my needs. In my experience, focusing on price, availability, and safety certifications have made the biggest difference in project success, and MPD’s customer service, particularly the sales team’s responsiveness and detailed support, was invaluable. Affordability allowed me to hit cost targets, readily available samples shortened design cycles, and ultimately, MPD’s offerings played a crucial role in achieving project goals. To someone considering MicroPower Direct, my advice is simple: try it. The combination of exceptional parameters, robust documentation, a diverse product range, and outstanding customer service makes MPD a clear 10 out of 10 recommendation.

Vitaliy Demin

Franklin Electric

For anyone considering working with MicroPower Direct, I wholeheartedly recommend them. I wouldn't hesitate to give them a perfect 11 out of 10 rating on a recommendation scale.
MicroPower Direct impressed me from the start with their high-quality products, specifically the reliability of the DC/DC converters that have never caused any issues. Several features made a significant difference in my projects, but ultimatelythe exceptional customer service was truly outstanding. My contact, MaryEllen, went above and beyond to ensure our build schedule stayed on track. Not only did MicroPower Direct's offerings help us achieve on-time completion and cost-effective production, but their commitment to quality and reasonable pricing makes them a standout in the industry. It's hard to choose just one highlight – the combination of reliable products, competitive pricing, and exceptional support is truly unbeatable.

Ellen Day